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  • I recently went on a medical mission trip hosted by Surgeons of Service to the Dominican Republic. Being my first medical mission trip, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Drs. Chris Menke and Allison Menke-Stinson, and their team were incredibly well organized, motivated, and efficient. The reason behind their motivation, unfortunately, is very clear. The area where we were based, Las Terrenas, is severely lacking in basic healthcare. Healthcare providers, medications, facilities, and other related resources are simply not available to the poor in this part of the Dominican Republic.

    The Surgeons of Service team quickly set up medical clinics focusing on lower extremity injuries, deformities and disability. They had planned logistics well ahead of time and had been able to advertise our visit through connections that they have made from their previous medical missions there. These clinics sessions provided diagnosis, treatment and in some cases, planned follow-up for the citizens of Las Terrenas. Thanks to the pre-trip planning and communication, the clinics were organized and very well received, with lines out the door before we even arrived.

    Medical clinics were complimented by preventative healthcare strategies such as delivering shoes to children and adults in need, which had been supported by months of shoe drive campaigns at home in the U.S.

    I cannot say enough good things about Surgeons of Service. It was an honor to be able to work with them, and something that I plan to do in the future again.

    Dr. David Binder

  • Going on a medical mission trip was a goal on my bucket list. I love traveling and helping people, so I thought it would be nice to combine the two and volunteer on a medical mission trip in some beautiful location. I never dreamed it would be such a rewarding and humbling experience. I got the opportunity to work with Dr. Chris Menke and Surgeons of Service, a nonprofit company which we traveled to the Dominican Republic (DR) with. The dedication and time that the leaders of our mission team have invested is truly amazing. When I went to DR in Feb 2015, it was only the two trip to that area. Seeing doctors that I had the privilege to train under, reach out and make connections with another country and culture, to set up a clinic, shoe drive, obtain medical supplies and funding to give back to those less fortunate, is rewarding. Since then there have been numerous missions with increasing success.

    My personal experience was this. I left a day after the initial group and therefore was traveling alone to Las Terrenas. I was nervous to be alone, but the people of the DR were friendly, kind and patient with me and my broken Spanish. Driving through the beautiful countryside it was easy to forget the conditions that the citizens have to endure everyday. Simple things we take for granted every day, are luxuries to them. We volunteered during the day at a local clinic. Unlike clinics in the US, there was no a/c and water was of limited supply. The medical supplies at our disposable were what we brought. Every band-aide, needle, dressing, brace and splint were a precious commodity. There was a line down the street every day, just to be seen by a Podiatrist. Some of the people could not afford shoes, so they had dirty blistered callused feet. Others had more severe congenital deformities, that casting techniques from birth could treat but without the benefit of those resources, children and adults presented with clubfoot and other deformities. We treated in clinic, everything from callus to arthritis and even wounds. One patient that stood out in my mind, had an open wound on his leg which was clearly infected. He had no supplies to cleanse and dress the wound. More importantly, he had no access to antibiotics, topical or oral. So a simple leg wound that could have been given 1-2 weeks of antibiotics with daily dressing changes, put this patient at risk for losing his entire leg. The gratitude the people expressed literally brought me to tears. One little girl, probably 9 years old, had a limb length discrepancy, meaning one leg was longer than the other. It was significant enough to cause a noticeable limp with knee and hip pain when she walked. We stacked some thick foam into a surgical shoe, creating a lift to balance out the limbs. She walked for the first time in her life without a limp. She cried and hugged me. It was such a simple thing, but to her it meant walking without pain and embarrassment. .

    The best part of going on the medical mission trip, was to give to others with no strings attached. To volunteer your time and knowledge to others, because you can. Knowing you can help someone else, even if only one life is worth it. The gratitude of the people, who have so little but would share what they do have to say thank you, is humbling. The other volunteers you work along side, become instant colleagues and friends because you unite for a common goal. It really was one of the best experiences of my life and I can not wait to go back. I would highly recommend getting involved with a mission trip. Even if you can not go yourself, you can donate shoes through the “Shoes of Service” campaign, medical supplies, and spread the purpose of the mission trip, to help the children and people of the DR.

    Dr. Sofie Pinney

  • I had the good fortune of participating in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with Chris Menke and the Surgeons of Service group during September of 2014. As this was my first mission trip, I was not sure what to expect during the experience. All of our activities and accommodations were well organized and our safety was never an issue. Our time in the clinic and the operating room was efficient, enjoyable, and best of all very gratifying for myself and the many patients that we were able to serve. The experience was rewarding in many ways, and I am very thankful for the perspective that it provided me including my own good fortune that can be easily taken for granted. I would recommend a mission trip with Surgeons of Service to anyone interested in a very fulfilling service experience.

    Dr. Grant Gonzalez

  • Las Terrenas
    February 21-15, 2015

    My recent experience on a Medical Mission trip to the Dominican Republic was rewarding and educational. I went on the trip to help those in need and gain more international medical experience. Our main focus was to provide as much medical attention as possible to those in need. We primarily worked in the main hospital of Las Terrenas. It was saddening to see the poor conditions of the hospital. Some rooms didn’t even have light bulbs and none of the rooms had supplies. We were able to provide care to roughly 100 patients over approximately 1.5 days, including a surgery. We provided injections, ankle and knee braces, nail avulsions, medications, and orthotics. It was unfortunate during our trip that an anesthesiologist was not available. There were several patients that needed a more involved surgical procedure. In the future, it will be nice to perform more surgeries to those people in need.

    The local people were very kind and appreciative of the care we provided. I had taken a few years of Spanish, but communication with the locals still proved to be a bit of a challenge. I was happy to see on the second day that we had a English speaking high school volunteer present to help translate. In addition to providing care to the locals, we were also able to enjoy the beautiful weather, beaches, and delicious food of the Dominican Republic.

    I absolutely loved my experience in the Dominican Republic and would like to do it again in the future. It was truly rewarding being able to help those in need and encourages me not to take anything for granted.

    Dr. Cherre Eldridge

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